In alphabetical order:

Bryant, W.
The Veiled Pulse of Time, - an introduction to biographical cycles and destiny
Anthroposophic Press

 Books of Gudrun Burkhard        

Lievegoed, B.
Man on the Threshold, Hawthorn Press
Phases of Childhood, Floris Press

O'Neill, G. & G.
The Human Life, Mercury Press

Phases, The Spiritual Rhythms of Adult Life,
Rudolf Steiner Press

Schottelndreier, J.
Life Patterns, Hawthorn Press

Staley, B.
Tapestries: Weaving Life's Journey, Hawthorn Press

Steiner, R.
Social and Anti-Social Forces, Mercury Press
Karmic Relationships

Treichler, R.
Soul Ways, Hawthorn Press