Advantages And Disadvantages of Gas and Electric Water Heaters

Be Well Informed Before Buying a Water Heater

Before buying a water heater, you must be well informed about all the performance of the water heater so that you can choose the right one. That’s why here you can look at the advantages and disadvantages of water heaters, after which you can make a decision whether to buy gas or electric water heaters.

Electric water heaters are much more efficient than gas water heaters. However, since the price of electricity is much higher compared to gas, your monthly electricity bills can be much higher than your gas bills would be.

If you want to have faster water heating, gas water heaters are the right solution for you. In them, the water is heated on the burner located at the bottom of the tank, so you can have hot water very quickly. With electric water heaters, the heater is located in the middle of the tank, so the heat of the water spreads from the middle to the outside, which leads to a slower heating of the water.

Electric water heaters are cheaper than gas water heaters, so this factor may also influence your decision. In addition, electric water heaters are much safer and more secure than gas water heaters. With gas boilers, there is a risk of gas leakage, so that people can be poisoned, as well as an explosion.

Gas water heaters require much more maintenance than electric water heaters and their lifespan is significantly shorter than electric water heaters.

These are just some of the advantages and disadvantages of these water heaters, and if they are not enough for you to decide, take a look at gas or electric water heaters, where you will get a lot more useful information.