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Injection Molding Of Medical Plastics Meets All Standards

Plastic injection molding of medical devices is very versatile. To learn all about this, you can look at Medical Injection molding.

The application of plastic injection molding is used for medical devices such as dental X-ray equipment, components and drug equipment, a large part of laboratory equipment such as beakers, test tubes and various containers, all necessary equipment for preparation for surgery, as well as a large part of surgical equipment , in orthopedics, and they are used for various housings for laboratory and medical equipment.

Medical Injection Molding

The advantages of plastic injection molding for medical parts are great. There are a number of materials to choose from. The costs of plastic injection molding are very low compared to a different way of making medical equipment. There is a possibility of a large volume of production as well as a large delivery, so that the costs are reduced to the maximum. Any plastic used in injection molding is very durable. All materials used are very durable and have a high resistance to adverse environments. They can withstand high heat, high pressure and all vibrations, no cracks or breaks occur. Due to their high resistance to heat, they can be sterilized without any problems. Also, they are very precise, because they have small tolerance limits. They are very resistant to the invasion of contaminants and do not need extensive sterilization to get rid of all germs. Therefore, this medical material meets all standards and prescribed requirements.

One of the most commonly used plastics in the medical industry is polypropylene. It contains strong chemical bonds and is therefore very durable. It is most often used in the production of test tubes and glasses. Another plastic material that is often used is polyethylene. It is very durable, and that is why it is mostly used for orthopedics.

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